Why do we golf?

2007 marked the first year of the Annual Drive One Home Golf Tournament, pioneered by two adoptive fathers looking for a way to continue their support for Providence Place. It has blossomed into an inspiring and interactive event, raising funds for both programs on our campus- Action Adoption and Center for Higher Independence. The individuals and businesses who have partnered with our tournament in years past have played a pivotal role in the lasting impact our tournament hopes to continuously build.

Who are we raising funds for?

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Action Adoption has been our signature service since 1895. We have placed more than 5,760 children in loving, healthy homes. Thousands more will find homes, as we work to connect pregnant teens and young women facing an unplanned pregnancy with adoptive parents through Domestic Infant, Older Child, International and embryo adoptions.

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Center for Higher Independence may be the next step after high school for teens with disabilities. Emerging from the isolation of being considered “different,” more than 1,360 students have received a transitional education of vocational and life skills, social development and spiritual growth to achieve their personal level of independence at SCHI.

With your support, through participation and/ or sponsorship, know you can help make a difference in the lives of hopeless teens and young women facing an unplanned pregnancy, couples whos’ only desire in life is to share their love with a child and young adults with disabilities who seek our guidance in living the independent life they only dream about.